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The JourneyGPS Student Experience

JourneyGPS students from a range of colleges are brought into virtual cohorts. Student cohorts are organized around common cultural backgrounds and similar professional aspirations.

Students Virtual.png
9-Academic Strategy.png

In partnership with existing college services, JourneyGPS staff help students develop a written, concise, and personalized strategy to complete their degrees and enter professional careers.

Students feel surrounded by the personal and academic cheerleaders who are already in their lives. These champions communicate with informed specificity to their student.

10-Circle of Champions.png

Historically marginalized students are able to find a community of similar students through JourneyGPS. They find students who look like them, have similar histories, and share common professional goals. 

Connections between academic work and a professional career are made clear and obvious for students. Support securing an entry level job with high-income potential is provided to students.

13-Career Connections.png

Students must engage with JourneyGPS community in several capacities. All student activity is designed to help them succeed academically and professionally. 

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