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The Circle of Champions Network


The Circle of Champions Network helps students identify the natural cheerleaders in their lives, bringing them in as Champions. The network facilitates relationships between students and their champions, creating an environment where first-gen students feel a greater sense of support on their academic journeys. 

First-gen students are surrounded by people who love them, but these individuals have no experience navigating the academic journey. The Circle of Champions Network teaches Champions about this journey, empowering them to to play a more active role in their student's Journey. The Network converts social capital into academic capital. 2.png 3.png

The Circle of Champions Network embraces a complete journey from college to career. Students receive help to achieve critical milestones along this complete pathway. Conversations between students and champions are contextualized around achievement of these milestones.

The Circle of Champions Network is constructed through partnerships with colleges and universities, their students, the friends and family members who become students' champions, and JourneyGPS staff. Each plays an important role in the development of this Network. 

Partnerships.png 5.png

Marginalized groups in higher education continue to experience academic equity gaps in comparison to upper-middle income white and Asian students. The Network's main goal is to close these chronic and worsening academic equity gaps across higher education.

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